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As a trained and Certified Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level 3 Contracting Professional Lawrence Henderson, and Business Operational Support Services (BOSS), LLC seeks to collaborate with clients, and move teams and organizations in the desired direction to reach specified goals. BOSS offers core Management Support Services, which include a wide-range of Contract, Procurement, and Acquisition Consulting.

The Acquisition Support Consulting is supported by expertise as a Warranted Regional Contracting Chief in Afghanistan responsible for a team of 15 civilian and military acquisition professionals. Innately led the team to strategically plan and execute full spectrum contracting support by building relationships and offering innovative solutions to solicit, award, and administer over 300 contract actions valued at $78M.

As a contracting professional Lawrence effectively provided, negotiated, and executed all phases of the acquisition process to award/administer over 150 service/commodity contracts valued at over $10.5M, netting cost saving for the organization over $1M. Solidified contracting prowess performing as a Construction/Engineering Contracting awarding and administering contracts valued at over $19.5M.

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