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Aligned Availability: You’re in the LLAB E1

Hey Facebook land, this is Lawrence Henderson coming to you on December 29th, 2017, three days before the new year. And today I want to talk to you all about 2018 and being the year of aligned availability.

And so for me this past year, 2017, was all about alignment. I don’t know what your word for the year was. I actually got that from listening to some messages that were out there and it really was the place where I was at in my life was all about alignment for me and my family, my career, all the things that I was doing. So for 2018, got three things for you to focus on, to make sure that you are in alignment, but also you’re making yourself available for that next and new and great opportunity that you have believed for, that you have been praying about, that you’ve been preparing for.

So the first thing that you have to do with being aligned and also making yourself available is you have to make sure that you’re actually practicing the things that you actually want to be involved in. So what does that mean? For me in 2017, I made sure that I was actually participating in strategic volunteerism. What that means for me is I was actually… I’m in training development, I’m an org development leader for the organization I work for. I’m a consultant in that arena. But again, that aligned availability was strategic volunteerism at youth shelters or in the church or those things you’re actually doing what you desire to be doing and actually do and make a profit from it as well, but have to make yourself available for the experience.

And so for me, it was all about making myself available for the experience and getting that resume material. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not practicing what you preach, then how do you expect people to actually listen to you as an expert in the area in your life that you’re desiring to be in.

So for me, it was really all about me practicing what I was preaching. And so the next one for me was also being a part of different organizations within my life. Integral HR, the association for talent development, other organizations that I was also a part of. Or again, having a good church family, having other good friends, families being aligned through your network. And so for me, being aligned through my network. Again, you have your inner circle and everybody’s not a part of your inner circle. So for 2018, the second point for me is aligning and make yourself available for the right relationships.

And so that means you’re going to have to start categorizing who’s important in your life. And I know that sounds kind of harsh to prioritize over relationships, but that’s key to your development, is prioritizing who your network actually is. Who’s your inner circle? Who are you listening to? What are those voices that have influence over your life? And they’re actually ultimately potentially going to have an effect on your next move. And so number two in 2018 and that line availability is making sure that your relationships are aligned the right way.

And so not saying that your entire team should be a bunch of cheerleaders, you should also have those people that are able to give you some feedback. And sometimes it’s not going to hurt or I should say it’s not going to feel good sometimes when you get that criticism. And I know for myself, one of my boys in my inner circle basically had to check me. I was all about telling everybody else to get your goals in line, get yourself lined up. But when we had our one on one session, one of the things I asked of him was I need you to hold me accountable to making sure that I hold everybody else accountable.

And so for me, it was actually writing down my goals and knocking out some things that I have on the horizon for 2018, is going to be your super exciting 2018. But again, 2018 is all about making sure you’re making yourself available for the experience, practicing what you preach, number one.

Number two, making sure that you have aligned and are available for the right relationships. And number three ultimately is keep going. Keep going. The biggest thing for me in 2017 that I didn’t do enough of were things like this. And so for me, it’s all about getting after it, continuing to move forward. John Maxwell always says fail forward and that’s going to be the goal for 2018 for me is to keep shuttling on. I know all of you have goals, all you have things you aspire to do, but let’s get after it folks.

And so for all my greater Atlanta folks, business folks, community leaders, we’re going to get after in 2018. I got a really exciting event that I’m going to be promoting for early spring. So be the one to look out. You can visit my Facebook page, the fan page and let me know and say I’m in for whatever it’s going to be. I’m not going to share with you yet, but it’s going to be exciting time.

I’m aligning and I’m making myself available for the stretch of 2018 and really further walking in the things that I feel are my purpose and aren’t aligned with my life and the things that we want to do in 2018. And so we’re going to be winning, we’re going to be winning every single day. And John Maxwell has the book, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, but one of the things, one of the phrases I keep in my mind always is I’m either winning or I’m learning how to win.

And so again, having the right relationship, continuing to be aligned where you’re practicing what you preach, putting yourselves in the right positions, but then ultimately being in that position where you’re telling yourself constantly, I can, I will, I must. And continuing to fail forward, continuing to take that next step. Even if you feel like that step was backwards, guess what? It was a step. But then now you’ve got your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on the prize in 2018 folks, keep your eyes on the prize. And so that’s the biggest thing coming in 2018.

So again, if you need me, Coach Henderson out here in these streets, just hey, however you need me, however you want to be aligned in 2018. If you want to walk through goal sheets, anything like that, you need an accountability partner, I’m here for it.

I’m here for it all folks. 2018, aligned availability, timeout for the fake it till you make it. I know that’s something that people always like to say and I don’t know if that’s motivating themselves to be on the good side of something, but that’s not a positive antidote, the fake it till you make it. We ain’t faking nothing. We’re either winning or we learning how to win. That’s what it’s all about.

So anybody connected to me, anybody connected to the community leaders network? Again, I’m throwing out these things y’all, it’s going to be an exciting 2018. So just make sure you’re available for the alignment of what’s happening next. And so you and your crew, you and your team, make sure, again, 2018, we’re winning y’all. We’re winning. All right.

So until next time, hold me accountable to this, y’all. You’re going to see me a whole lot more often in 2018. All right. Talk to you later. Have a happy, happy, safe, new year. Please make sure you have a safe new year. Whatever you’re doing. Me and my wife are thinking about going to a spin class. I don’t know about that, but we’ll see. Because 2018 is all going to be about health, wealth, and whatever that looks like for you. But we’re going to win in 2018, folks. So again, peace, love, and all that good stuff and we’re going to take it again. All right. See y’all later.

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