In-Person Workshops to Bring Your Training and Coaching to Life

Our in-person workshops take the signature details of our training and coaching and pairs it with facilitated learning to ensure all blind spots are resolved and that attendees leave with the information needed to perform better in their positions.

Lawrence Henderson is John Maxwell Team Certified

What to Expect with Your Workshop Package

These workshops are typically one day long, and include our signature hands-on teaching approach. We’ll work with you to develop key action items from your goals so you get the results you’re looking for. Workshops can be micro-learning 1-2 hours, half-day, or a whole day.

Every workshop includes exercises like worksheets and discussions to ensure your attendees are absorbing the information. We won’t leave you hanging after, either. We’ll complete an event debrief where we discuss the event in detail and provide additional insights so you can maximize your investment.

Contact us for more information about our in-person workshops.