Group/Team Coaching

What to Expect with Group/Team Coaching

I’m so glad that you stopped by to check out what in the world team and group coaching is and how it can support your organization moving toward consistent success both now and for the future.

As a group coach, one of the biggest things that clients come to us for is seeking alignment of a shared Mission, Vision, and Values within their groups and teams.

That alignment supports a decrease in conflicts and in fighting that can come from miscommunication. Team coaching is an amazing opportunity for individuals working in an organization to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

The biggest difference between individual coaching and team coaching is that with a team you’re identifying the obstacles that impact the whole, not just the individual parts. These group coaching environments are generally made up of individuals who work together, on a specific project, or Team Challenge.

If you and your team are looking for ways to identify, engage, and create opportunities to overcome these obstacles, group coaching is definitely the development strategy to start with.

With Boss Coaching we will engage you and your team through utilization of leadership assessments to help teams in groups become better at openness, constructive conflict, building trust, and engaging with authenticity.

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We look forward to co-creating your team’s journey towards sustainable success.

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