Individual Leadership & Professional Development Coaching

So you’ve made it here to try and figure out if Individual Leadership or Professional Development Coaching is for you.

I’m wondering what caused you to search in the first place.

Was it you asking yourself; I’ve identified some areas that I need to build up and I want support?

Or, you realized that you desire to build capacity and influence in your organization, your community, or your household.
Or, do you need support while solving a problem? Or, it could be you want to explore the possibilities that exist in front of you or those yet to be realized?

Regardless of the question that you’re trying to gain the answers to, you desire help and someone to help with understanding.

If you’re looking for a coach, coaching is a relationship or partnership, collaboration where the main focus is on your agenda with your coaches input as necessary.

The coach’s main focus is to help co-create a space for self-mastery!

For example: in a coaching session with me I may ask you something like “if you’re saying yes to something, what are you saying no to?” Or “what was your original vision when you started your career?” “Today, what do you notice about where you are versus how you began your professional or personal journey?” “What evidence do you have to support your conclusion?” All of this in an effort to create awareness for you as a client.

Regardless of why you come to coaching, the bottomline is it is all about YOU!

Your goal, your agenda, your purpose and frameworks in support of your first next steps.

If you’re ready to explore what an individual leadership and professional development coaching relationship will look like with a Boss Coach, fill out the contact form to take your next steps.

Looking forward to connecting soon!

Start building the future you want by sending our individual leadership and professional development coach a message below or giving us a call at (404) 935-1452.

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