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Welcome to the BOSS Professional Learning & Organizational Development Training page!

Let me guess: you searched leadership development; diversity, equity, & inclusion; organizational development; learning & development; team building; or any of the 1 million search options in google. I am so glad the SEO is working and you are here now.

So what can you learn in the 30 seconds I have left to keep you here to check out who we are and what we are all about.

Well, if you are here, you are the person in charge or supporting them seeking a learning and development partner that can help enhance or co-create your employee engagement goal and you do not want one of the thousand cookie-cutter offerings. You are looking for knowledge, but also an experience that will provide impact.

So what does that look like with BOSS Consulting, LLC?

We work on the ugly things that most training and development consultants don’t want to because it is messy work. We work on the disposition of people. The Values/Beliefs, Personal Characteristics, and Attitudes of people. With an intention to support the whole person/organization, not just fixing symptoms.

I know that was a bit to take in and can sound like a lot of work.

However, we believe that a development strategy should build in foundational work that can be sustained long after we are gone. Yes, we love you, but it is not our hope to be an end-all-be-all, we want to partner for your success and we engage for growth and behavior change.

If you have gotten this far, that means something here is resonating.

As an Agile & Organizational Development Practitioner, we take our clients through an impact interview to flush out the needs and chart a course that meets needs accordingly.

Check out the areas of focus below to see some of the offerings to start a discussion.

Let’s take the next step! Fill out the contact form so we can begin creating for you and your organization’s next level!

Professional Learning & Organizational Development Training Services

Professional Skill Building

We train professionals to enhance the communication and operational skills of your staff. During a consultation, we will prioritize the needs of your business, identify any faults that may be hindering your operational abilities and/or efficiency, and provide methods your business can implement immediately.

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Leadership Development

Our leadership and corporate development improves the management operations of workforces. Our developmental coaching is targeted at department leaders, managers, and other senior members of corporate staff. With hands-on training, we advise professionals on the unique objectives, challenges, and goals of your business.

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Team Building

Our team-building services help to connect your existing workforce and build a positive and collaborative working environment. Our training prioritizes the distinct culture and objectives of your business. When your team has a strong bond and communicates well, they can be the most productive at accomplishing the goals of your business.

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Start building the future you want by sending our professional learning and organizational development training coach a message below or giving us a call at (404) 935-1452.

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