Learning & Development Training

Learning & Development Training

Welcome to the BOSS Training and Consulting page!

Let me guess: you searched leadership development; diversity, equity, & inclusion; organizational development; learning & development; team building; or any of the 1 million search options in google. I am so glad the SEO is working and you are here now.

So what can you learn in the 30 seconds I have left to keep you here to check out who we are and what we are all about.

Well, if you are here, you are the person in charge or supporting them seeking a learning and development partner that can help enhance or co-create your employee engagement goal and you do not want one of the thousand cookie-cutter offerings. You are looking for knowledge, but also an experience that will provide impact.

So what does that look like with BOSS Consulting, LLC?

We work on the ugly things that most training and development consultants don’t want to because it is messy work. We work on the disposition of people. The Values/Beliefs, Personal Characteristics, and Attitudes of people. With an intention to support the whole person/organization, not just fixing symptoms.

I know that was a bit to take in and can sound like a lot of work.

However, we believe that a development strategy should build in foundational work that can be sustained long after we are gone. Yes, we love you, but it is not our hope to be an end-all-be-all, we want to partner for your success and we engage for growth and behavior change.

If you have gotten this far, that means something here is resonating.

As an Agile & Organizational Development Practitioner, we take our clients through an impact interview to flush out the needs and chart a course that meets needs accordingly.

Check out the areas of focus below to see some of the offerings to start a discussion.

Let’s take the next step! Fill out the contact form so we can begin creating for you and your organization’s next level!

Learning & Development Training Services

Professional Development

Professional development refers to the process of identifying areas of growth, creating goals, and learning new skills to help individuals and organizations succeed at work and throughout…

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Professional development done right may lead to being prepared for promotions or change in job, or simply to doing better in a current position.

Topics currently/previously developed/delivered:

Implicit Bias
People Skills are not soft
Character & Values
Inclusive Communication
Winning Conversations
Active Racial Unity
Crucial Conversations
Effective Communication
How to Manage Conflict and Confrontation
Professional & Personal Awareness (EQ)
Presentations with Impact
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Leadership Development

Leadership development is all about increasing the capacity of individuals and organizations to meet the challenges that exist today and prepare for the future. Effectively Leadership Development can create spaces for employees and leaders to grow with each other and not against.

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Topics currently/previously developed/delivered:

Building Strong Cultures
Leading Through Disruption
Leadership Fundamentals
Becoming a Person of Influence
Coaching for Performance & Engagement
Leadership Coaching; Peer to Boss
Leader as Coach
Strategic Thinking
Be, Know, & Do Leadership at Work
7 Habits for Highly Effective Leaders
15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Team Building

Team building is creating intentional spaces that support a group of individuals coming together gaining alignment through focusing goals, collaboration, and experiential exercises.

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Effective team-building training has the potential for teams to build capacity to address the needs of the organization today and tomorrow.

Topics currently/previously developed/delivered:

Team-Building Fundamentals
Accountability & Ownership
Psychological Safety
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Implicit Bias
Everyone Communicates Few Connect
Building Resilience
Interpersonal Development

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