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Mindset Matters: Day 1

40-Day Transformation

Happy new year, everyone. This is Lawrence Henderson coming to you on this first day of 2018. This year, I am starting off the year with 40-day transformation. Each day I’m going to be bringing to you a new topic of how to smash through your goals and achieve the things that you have put on your big boards and so that by the end of January you may actually be able to take score and see where you’re at. So today’s topic is all about mindset mattering.

And so as I said, goals are one of the biggest things that people start with. You may call them new year’s resolutions. But one thing that leads to failure is you take bigger bites than you should when trying to accomplish something new or something that you started on in 2017 that you’re desiring to pull into 2018. Your mindset matters. So the number one thing that you need to do is you need to take small bites. The phrase goes, you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Same thing goes for your goals or whether it’s exercising, whether it’s eating right, whether it’s taking on new tasks in education with assignments and different things like that, take small bites. So that means just chip away at it one day at a time. Don’t take on the big task or the big goal and think you’re going to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. So filling out those goals, sheets, being specific, making sure they’re measurable, making sure they’re achievable, realistic, and then you actually put a good timeline on them. So that was number one of taking small bites.

Number two, journal. Write down what you are accomplishing daily. And so one of the things for me is having small wins. And so along with taking small bites is taking note, accomplishing your writing down and keeping track of those smaller Ws that you achieve on a daily basis. Those can actually serve as motivation for you to continue to keep going. So when you’re in the deep end, down in the weeds of what you’re trying to accomplish, you need to see those small Ws. Those help in those trials and tribulations and those dark moments when you’re maybe going to resort back to some of your old ways.

And number three, which is actually the first one, is start with why you’re doing it in the first place in this new year. Why is this a goal for you? Why should health matter? Why do you want to go back to school to educate yourself? Why am I doing video live chats at this moment in my life? What’s the why behind everything that you’re doing? In Simon Sinek has the book Start With Why. And then as you plug away, you start finding out and uncovering the how and the pieces of the puzzle. And so as we go over these next 40 days, we will talk about next topics of how do you choose your circle, who matters in your life, who can you count on and all those different things. We’ll get into that deeper over the next 40 days. So stick with me.

If you want to find out more information about me and my organization, you can find me on my Facebook fan page, bosslab, or you can go to to find more resources, more videos, more blog information, and we’ll go from there. So start fast in 2018 but also start small, small targets, 25 meters. Knock them down. All right have a great one, everyone. Great Monday. Football day. Hopefully Michigan has not lost it for the big 10 and we’ll go from there. All right, have a great one.

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