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F-word of the workplace

blogs development leadership resources training workplace Nov 22, 2023
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Failure is the F-word of the workplace

Nobody wants to say it, hear it, or even think about it. But here's the thing: failure is not just inevitable, it's necessary. So, take a deep breath, let out a sigh of relief, and get ready to embrace the beautiful mess that is a failure.

I once worked as a human resources (HR) support professional, or "jack of all trades" HR helpdesk support person. Doing the work was beyond my capabilities, and I had no desire to do it. Yes, it made me one of the most average individuals I've known, but luckily I had a couple of teammates who genuinely cared about my development and took the time to coach me up. Thanks to their hard work, I was able to give failure after failure the benefit of the doubt. Although I did not always enjoy my work, I eventually found a way to succeed despite my dislike. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned as a young professional.

Here are 5 reasons to let your team fail.

  1. Encourages Innovation: When you let your team fail, it encourages innovation as they learn from their mistakes and find new ways to approach the problem. Failure can inspire creativity and foster a culture of experimentation.
  2. Builds Resilience: Failure helps team members build resilience and learn to bounce back from setbacks. They learn to handle pressure, cope with uncertainty, and develop a growth mindset.
  3. Promotes Learning: Failure can be an incredible learning opportunity, and when you let your team fail, they learn valuable lessons that they can carry forward. This helps to create a culture of continuous learning where team members feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things.
  4. Enhances Ownership: Allowing your team to fail promotes ownership and responsibility for their work. Team members are more likely to take ownership of their decisions and actions when they know that failure is a possibility.
  5. Fosters Trust: When you let your team fail, you demonstrate that you trust them to learn and grow from their experiences. This fosters trust and strengthens relationships between team members and their leaders.

In conclusion, remember that failure is not the end, it's just a bend in the road. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and pivot in a new direction. So, don't be afraid to let your team fail, because as the saying goes, 'fall seven times, stand up eight.' Keep pushing forward, and eventually, you'll reach success - and maybe even have a good laugh about the bumps along the way.