Ready to redefine your leadership narrative and ascend to new heights?

Learn the strategic secrets, cultivate essential skills, and celebrate triumphs on a transformative 12-month journey with Connecting The Dots Executive Leadership Program.

In the Next 12 Months, Transform Your Leadership Legacy with Our Executive Leadership Program

  • Break Free from Leadership Stagnation
  • Say Goodbye to Talent Gaps
  • Navigate Change with Confidence

The right leadership program can make a major difference. We delve into intricate strategies and cultivate the essential skills needed to elevate your leadership to unprecedented heights.


Unlock the Blueprint to a Leadership Legacy

Discover the indispensable skills to craft visionary leadership strategies that transcend barriers and propel your success to new horizons in our exclusive 12-month program.


Strategic Vision Mastery:

Unleash the power of strategic thinking, learning to envision and execute plans that not only meet but exceed your leadership aspirations.

Effective Communication Evolution:

Elevate your communication skills to a new level of influence, ensuring your message resonates with impact and fosters lasting connections.

Talent Cultivation Expertise:

Become a maestro in nurturing and cultivating top-tier talent within your team, eliminating gaps, and fostering a culture of excellence. 

Execution Mastery Unleashed:

Translate your visionary plans into tangible actions, mastering the art of accountability and driving both personal and team performance to excellence.

Adaptability as a Leadership Advantage:

Harness the power of adaptability, navigating through change with confidence, and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Founder and CEO of B.O.S.S. Business Operational Support Services, LLC

Lawrence is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. His background includes working with CEOs, directors, senior managers, and boards of directors of small private companies to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations.

Lawrence’s corporate background spans active-duty service as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. Since transitioning, he has placed an emphasis on educating and putting real-time development practices in place for his clients.  As a PhD level student, he is studying how leadership impacts retention and the cultural health of an organization.

He has supported the development of his clients by ..continue reading here

This Program is for you if..

You Aspire for Leadership Excellence:

  • If you are driven to ascend to new heights in your leadership journey and yearn for a transformative experience that will shape your legacy.

 You Seek Strategic Vision and Execution:

  • If you are hungry for the knowledge and skills to craft and execute strategic visions that leave an indelible mark on your leadership trajectory.

You Desire Effective Communication Impact:

  • If you recognize the pivotal role effective communication plays in leadership and are eager to elevate your communication skills to build lasting connections and influence