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About Us

Simply put we are in the business of Transformational Change!

It is an absolute pleasure to meet you! I am Lawrence Henderson President & Senior Learning Partner of Business Operational Support Services (BOSS), LLC. I started this company because I believe in being a comfort disrupting Leadership & Organizational development Coach, Teacher, and Trainer working to deliver social/culturally aware programs that shift the fabric of an organization.

I got my start as an impactful leader through service to God & country as a U.S. Army officer.  Today as a Learning Partner it is my purpose to stand in position to help people connect to being/becoming the best versions of themselves. I have an unquenchable desire to help bridge the gap for others in their pursuit of God’s purpose in their lives by Speaking as a keynote or on the TED stage, facilitating workshops, seminars, and small groups that provide people the tools to lead today and well into the future.

 As an authentic voice to live a life of humility, openness, and transparency I see it as an act of service to model the way as a member/volunteer in several nonprofits and professional organizations throughout the Greater Atlanta area to be the change needed in and around our community. It time for us all to get in alignment with what we here made to be.

Our Story

I wish I could say I been the author of a perfect leadership journey. Truth is I wake up every day with a motivation to continue to grow and learn how to be a better resource for others. Despite being a decorated combat veteran receiving two Bronze Stars and several Campaign medals, I connect to others through uniquely translated leadership lessons that I learned in the ebbs and flows of life.  As a life-long learner, I count it a pleasure to achieve excellence through every opportunity for professional growth and maintain a working knowledge of Leadership, Organizational Development, and other relevant Learning & Development industry trends in order to assist in creating exciting training environments that will allow clients the resources needed to be successful on a daily basis.  It is our pledge to focus on you as a customer, drive results, and help you embrace being a champion for change.

Let Business Operational Support Services, LLC assist you and your organization lift the lid to the next level and be all that you can be!

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